Monday, July 11, 2005

New Jobness

I got a job working for the metally ill. Basically when it is determined that someone is too 'special' to handle their own finances, we step in and take care of their bills and spending money. I have had experience with the Mentally Ill before, having worked in St. Patricks Mental Hospital in Dublin (by the Guiness brewery on the River Liffey). I really just write out checks all day here, which is pretty boring but the characters that come in my office are worth all the drudgery.

One example; a fellow sits down next to me in my office and hands me his cable bill. I remark how high his bill is this month and he turns to me saying (with raised eyebrows) "You know how that cable sucks you in". I say, yeah pretty engrossing stuff there... Then I turn over his bill and see PPV purchases for Teen sluts 5, barely legal 3, pink princess 2, etc. So in a nutshell, the gov't is paying for this dude to watch barely legal-type porn.

Anyway, it's an interesting office and the folks are really nice so I have nothing to complain about.


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