Friday, August 27, 2004

Best Mailroom Coordinator-Thingy Guy Ever

I can honestly say that I understand why 'Mailroom guys' are all fat and lazy. I work three hours total out of eight in a day and today I am eating Krispy Kremes which are near to me instead of getting lunch out of sheer sloth. You get used to doing next to nothing every day and you avoid getting your ass out of your chair if you can.

I've had many jobs that were challenging both mentally and physically in my 12 year professional career. I recall being proud of my accomplishments in most of those positions and being justly and quietly rewarded for my hard work. As a 'Mailroom guy' however - if you hand someone the right kind of envelope from the supply closet they are so unduly grateful it's as if you've just reminded them why life is worth living. It's all about perspective and I can tell you most people don't have any, because they haven't worked a zillion different jobs like I have.

In the past when I've had free time in a job to surf the web, read the newspaper or clean my workspace I'd cherish it. When someone asked me to do something my initial reaction would be of reluctance to assist. Now I'm practically begging people around me to give me stuff to do. Stuff that gives me a feeling of accomplishment like fixing a fax machine or copying a report. But the Admins have been trained so that when a machine malfunctions they immediately call in a technician and they do all their own copying.

My boss did give me a project of estimating how many Copier toner cartridges we use in a month so she could project the amount onto the yearly budget, but how? When you run out of toner you buy more. At home you don't guess when you'll run out of dish soap and plan to buy more before you've finished the one you have! right?

All I'm saying is if you have a job that you are good at, get paid well and your boss doesn't micro-manage your time then you have it MADE. Hang on to that job like a Supreme Court Justice, because there are so many worse jobs out there.

I may make it sound boring and terrible, but I've had many jobs that were much worse than this so I'll take this opportunity to demonstrate my perspective from personal experience and say that 'Mailroom Clerk' is definitely better than 'Mental Hospital Patient Cash Office Clerk', 'Subway Sandwich Artist' and (because things are funnier in threes) 'Back-End Data-Entrist' (sounds dirty doesn't it)


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