Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm sorry, did I say I wanted to buy clothes? I meant to say crack.

So this page is now going to be filled with stories from my work, because they are just too funny to not share with someone.

A client had requested an extra $300 for clothes. Since he lives in a shelter we were wary of giving him anything that could be stolen from him by room-mates. Also since we can't trust anyone who wants a large amount of cash at once, we had arranged for a caseworker to go shopping with him so that he could bring the receipts back. I was suspicious when he asked us if he could buy 'something expensive like a watch' -(my thought was that he could then say he lost the receipt and buy A WATCH MADE OF DRUGS)!

An hour passed and the case worker returned early. He told us that they went to the bank to cash the check for clothes shopping and afterwards, as soon as they hit about 20 MPH on Commonwealth Avenue (a busy main road) the client opened the door of the moving car and 'tucked & rolled' his way to freedom. He's more than likely somewhere in Hyde Park asking someone how much crack he can get for $300.00.

Unfortunately there are these individuals who while they are mentally ill, they are also addicts. Thankfully they are the exception as most clients are actively trying to get themselves back into society, getting jobs, finding a place to live etc, etc.


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