Saturday, June 03, 2006

customer service

Rule #1
Don't be a pompous dickbag to the customer service reps, at least not until they refuse to help you. They are people like you who chances are hate their crappy customer service job.
Rule #2
Always write down the reps name as soon as you get someone, also an extension if possible to call them back directly.
Rule #3
If you feel like you can, exaggerate about your condition, also ask for more than you want, i.e if you want a free month of cable, ask for three, you might get two.
Rule #4
Have a desired result and don't mince words, examples:

"The reason I'm calling is because I was ____ about the level of ____ provided by _____". I would appreciate a free____ or a reduced ___ because I have been a customer for ____ or because I spend ___ amount on your product/service".

Rule #5
If they can't help you ask for their manager and throw a fit. Say "Do you know who I am? because you'll know who I am when I get you fired"! That is what you pull out hen you NEED to be a dickbag.


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