Monday, October 15, 2007

free money!

Names removed to protect the cranky and old. a customer was upset that the bank debited her savings account $0.25 because of a canadian quarter in a roll of quarters she sold the bank. I explained to her that the teller who bought her quarters has to balance his/her drawer and has to account for any differences. I said, "That's why customers to write their account numbers on the rolls of change they sell". It would have been the same situation if she gave us a roll of quarters with $9.75 in it. She said that she understands that tellers don't get paid much and it shouldn't be their burden, but that the bank should have made up the difference - which is basically asking the bank to give money away (but it would have been rude to say that). I did say that I would pass the complaint along, so here you go.


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