Thursday, September 02, 2004

Happy Birthday to me

I am now twenty-nine. Soon my tits will start to drop, my skin will become covered in brown liver spots and my pubes will turn grey. So sad.

I got some lovely new work clothes from Shirl and I wore them today. They actually make me look quite spiffy, as I realized when I noticed various women staring at me as I walk through the mall. My first inclination is to think that they are staring at my asymmetrical ears, then to do a quick one-finger zipper check to see if the fly is open and finally to realize that I'm being looked up and down like a piece of meat! It doesn't boost my ego or anything, but it doesn't NOT boost my ego either.

It sucks working on your birthday, even more knowing that you can't take the day off because you have to pay the bills. The funniest thing though, is knowing that you're probably the best dressed guy in the mall (thanks Shirl!) and you just ate walgreens microwave bacon-cheeseburgers (two bucks each) because it's not payday yet.

I haven't opened all my pressies yet, but the cat got me a subscription to xbox magazine! Thanks Arlo!


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