Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Bad word/phrase list

1) Y'all
2) Used to could
3) Even still
4) I mean...
5) More Gooder
6) Not for nothing
7) Having said that...
8) Recuperate the funds
9) Okay?

1) Y'all We have a new employee from South Cackalackie (Carolina) I am trying to stop her from saying certain 'Southern' things, posting a sign with these words has stopped the Y'all almost immediately.
2)  Used to could is another 'Southern' thing.  I promised her I wouldn't put her on the list more than twice.
3) Even still is a massachusetts thing and annoys the crap out of me, it means 'regardless'
4) I mean... is a way of starting to talk without saying anything, it's a fancy 'umm'.
5) More Gooder I lied about not putting a third 'Southern' thing on my list.
6) Not for nothing, what does that even mean?
7) Having said that - to me means, everything i just said is bullshit, so disregard it.
8) 'Recuperate the funds' for some reason you can say Recoup to mean get back, and you can recuperate from a monetary loss, but you can not recuperate money.  English is fun!
9) Okay? so, the southern girl made my list 4 times.  whatever.


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