Monday, November 17, 2008

List of Bad Phrases

You can say them, just please dont say them around me.

2) 'Delish'
3) Good to go
4) No Problem
5) My Bad
6) Have a great one
7) Irregardless
8) Can you hear me now?
9) This day and age
10) Trying to think
11) Real quick

#1 Made famous by a certain befuddled Miss South Carolina.
#2 Because Rachel Ray is annoying.
#3 From that stupid Taco Bell commercial.
#4 because if you say this to a customer, they'll say, "Yeah there is a problem".
#5 This phrase is so overused and has lost all of its slacker charm.
#6 A what now? something big? something good?
#7 This isn't a word. The word is regardless.
#8 even verizon doesn't use this anymore it's so annoying.
#9 Only old people who have lived through different "ages" should use this term.
#10 You are not trying, you ARE thinking.
#11 It's going to take as long as it always takes, even if you add the word 'quick' to your request.


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