Tuesday, February 03, 2009

another old person story 2

This is the jist of the call

Me: How can I help you?
OP: Yeah I got this letter, I don't understand it.
Me: What does the letter say?
OP: I took out forty dollars, I only took out twenty and I got overdrafted.
Me: Ok, I see here that you took out forty dollars which overdrew your account
OP: Well I don't get it, I'll be calling you people every day
Me: Please do, call us every day so you know what your balance is.
OP: Yeah well you people screwed up my account
Me: Can you point to something we did wrong?
OP: My account is overdrafted
Me: And can you point to one thing that we did wrong?
OP: I wrote out some checks and now I'm overdrawn!
Me: Yes, we honored the checks you wrote, can you tell me what we did wrong?
OP: I'll be calling you people every day
ME: I look forward to talking to you again
OP: *annoyed grunt - click*


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