Thursday, October 14, 2004

West Coast Holiday

So me & the missus went to Cali for a week and we had an awesome time. The weather was lovely and we drove to see a new attraction each day. Day 1 was Griffith park to see the hollywood sign. SADLY THE PICTURES WERE REMOVED DUE TO VERIZON BEING STINGY WITH THE STORAGE SPACE. ONLY 10 MEGS for $40 a month?!?!?!?

we didn't see any mountain lions, but we did see lizards

Next day we went to Topanga Canyon and walked and walked...

J&E got a 6 month old puppy from a local shelter and he is awesome, his name is finn McCool (of Irish Folklore)

Next day we went to the Mojave Desert and saw a coyote

a hummingbird

and a bunny

there was a whole lot of this

And lots of cool looking rocks and dead trees

Unfortunately there was NO SWIMMING allowed in the desert.

More later.


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