Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Haven't updated in a while

So, I got this great new job on the 23rd floor of one of MGHs many buildings. The people are friendly and fun , which is important to me. I am currently in charge of scheduling Videoconferences, Copying Digital Media, and also some billing work.

The group I work for is also currently doing some interesting work for the future of medicine. In the not so distant future people will use devices that already exist for health monitoring such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood sugar, etc. in a new way. The devices will be connected to the internet via your cellphone and the data goes to a server that a Doctor can check and receive alerts on. The doctor then can administer to the patient without them needing to go to the hospital, or tell them to go, whatever. It's exciting and I'm glad to be on the team!

I work with a guy named Ed Boner pronounced bonner. (that's kind of funny)


Blogger the ability to control (but not create) pudding said...

i went to college with a kid whose last name was "wiener" but pronounced it "whiner". AND i went to high school with a guy whose last name was "nooter" though he pronounced it "noter". i'd just like to officially call bullshit on people with funny names who pronounce them differently from how they're supposed to be pronounced to avoid taunting.

on the other hand, you had that guy who ran for senate (or something) in new hampshire (or somewhere) who chose to run under the name "dick swett" instead of *richard*. cheets to him, jeers to everyone else.

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