Thursday, April 16, 2009

take the charges off!

caller: there's a problem in my account, they were supposed to take these charges off the account, but instead they put them back in.

me: ok, I see in your account that we gave you the money back for those three charges.

caller: yeah, but they were supposed to take them off, not put them back in and I...

me: sorry to interrupt ma'am, but if you notice, your account balance increases with these amounts.

caller: RIGHT! they were supposed to take them off.

me: well I see here that you were given the money back for these charges which is what was supposed to happen.

caller: oh.

Friday, April 03, 2009

how do I?

customer: hi, how do I see my statement electronically?
Me: Are you currently logged in?
customer: yes
Me: do you see the link for estatements?
customer: yes
Me: ok.
customer: so that's what I click on?
Me: yes
customer: to see estatments?
Me: yes?