Friday, March 24, 2006

The hypogonadism story

So I have to call a guy to remind him he has an apointment to scan his pituitary gland to rule out a tumor the following day, so:

D: Hi, my name is Dildi Baggins* and I'm calling from The Independent Medical Faclity**
Guy: (Shouting) NO, NO. NO! NEVER!
D: I'm sorry? Sir I'm calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow at...
Guy: (Loudly)These Doctors treat me like shit! - do you know what shit is? Huh?(with previously unheard confidence, as if swearing made him feel great!)
D: Yeah! (proudly, as if I knew about shit way before anyone else liked it)
Guy: This one time I passed out in the doctors office and I wake up and I'm missing a tooth.
D: I, oh - yeah? ok
Guy: So I go to this new doctor and she's mean - she says, "DROP YOUR PANTS SO I CAN GRAB YOUR BALLS"!
D: Wow, that's terrible.
Guy: Do you understand how that feels? and bwa bwa bwa bwa... (he goes off on a rant...)
D: I'm sorry to hear about that sir, I'm going to just cancel your appointment ok? Have a nice weekend then.
Guy: What? ok.

*(name changed to protect me, or something)
**(more fake names used)

by 'Mystery Vortex' of

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

balls for kidz and bears

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test pattern

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faneuil hall, worst whoopie pie & carrot cake

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Free Agent

Just occurred to me that for the last two weeks I haven't been working as a temp because I didn't get the job through a temp agency. Therefore I am a free agent.

So the story goes that after nearly 7 years working for the temp agency on and off, I was hired as the receptionist for the agency! The owner of the company requested me personally for this position! I was happy that after a month or so of temp employment that I had obtained a permanent job! Everyone was warm and welcoming because they have known me for many years as a person who can go to any assignment and represent the company in a professional manner.

I learned all of the duties and procedures within the first day because it was a holiday and nobody was calling. The person training me had an abrasive personality, was loud and obnoxious. We clearly didn't like each other. 3 days of being trained by an enourmous ass later I was told that I was, "not the right fit for the organization". I was taken aside by the office manager and told that I had a bad attitude and that I was being fired for swearing at the clients. Apparently when I wasn't paying attention my mouth was doing things I was not aware of. It was my word against the loud obnoxious words of my slight superior (she had worked as receptionist for 4 months) and I was out the door, with tears barely contained in my eyes.

-----------------HAPPY ENDING------------------------

I start a new job monday as office assistant in a MRI center closer to home, for a lot more money than I would be making at the agency. Things happen for a reason and I have learned that no matter how much people like you, you still need to kiss huge amounts of ass.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


God damn! I just sat down on my own damn balls.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

my other blog

I have another blog which I use to list my web-stumblings and neat viral videos and junk.


The House is almost finished

In the sun-holiday capital of Ireland - Blackwater, Wexford or rather Ballyvaldon near Blackwater, Wexford my descendants will call this their ancestral home.

view from front

amazing view!

In traditional Irish style, the house needs a name. So far all of the proposed names suck or have been used before in our family. Please add in to comments a fitting name if you can think of one. Irish house names sound best when they end in an 'o' or 'ow' sound.

so far we have: